Apollonia + Victor’s Wedding at 360° East at Montauk Downs

Videography Lead: John Bilski Associate: Jessica McCoyRich Klamis

Event Entertainment Absolute Entertainment

Event Photographer Darien Maginn

Apollonia + Victor’s story began in elementary school, where their friendship blossomed into something extraordinary. They grew up together, being each other’s biggest cheerleaders, confidants, and partners in crime. Early on, they knew that as long as they were together, they each had what they needed in life.

They chose to get married in Montauk, adding their best day ever to the long list of memories they share in this magical place. The weather certainly made for a day that they will never forget! With hearts full of joy and unwavering love, Apollonia + Victor embraced the rain as a symbol of life’s unpredictability and the strength of their commitment. Surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, the love that radiated between them was evident in every glance, every touch, and every promise made in the pouring rain.