Films By Jessica McCoy


Karissa + PJ’s Wedding at Peconic Bay Yacht Club

What an unforgettable wedding day for Karissa + PJ at the beautiful Peconic Bay Yacht Club! The entire day was filled with so much laughter and happiness and was a true reflection of their fun-loving and light-hearted spirits. Wishing this perfect couple a lifetime of love and happiness! 💕🥂

March 17, 2024

Sydney + Zack’s Wedding at Hudson House

Sydney + Zack’s love story is an inspiring one. From young friends uncertain of their future together, through dating in high school and a long distance relationship while in college, their story has elements of romance, devotion, and overcoming obstacles for love. They have faced challenges and hurdles along their journey but have shown unwavering…

January 22, 2024

Allison + Michael’s Wedding at Giorgio’s

Allison + Michael’s story began on Valentine’s Day over ten years ago while the two were on a high school chorus trip to Italy…uhmmmm romance! The two spent that trip getting to know one another, and by the time they returned home, Michael had asked Allison to be his date at junior prom. Over the…

January 15, 2024

Apollonia + Victor’s Wedding at 360° East at Montauk Downs

Apollonia + Victor’s story began in elementary school, where their friendship blossomed into something extraordinary. They grew up together, being each other’s biggest cheerleaders, confidants, and partners in crime. Early on, they knew that as long as they were together, they each had what they needed in life. They chose to get married in Montauk,…

December 22, 2023