Nicole + David’s Wedding at Zuhoski Farms

Written on October 1, 2022

Nicole + Dave didn’t let a little (okay, a lot!) of rain get in the way of having the most wonderful wedding day! From a fun morning of bride prep to their ceremony at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church to their tented reception at their family Christmas tree farm, we had the best time…

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Erin + John’s Sneak Peek at RGNY

Written on June 25, 2022

Erin + John’s wedding was everything they had hoped for: unique, laid back and beautiful! Their day at RGNY featured wonderful weather, an intimate outdoor vineyard-side ceremony and a nonstop party that had all of their friends and family dancing late into the night. We loved getting to spend their perfect day with them and…

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Alexandra + Benjamin’s Sneak Peek at Salt Air Farm

Written on June 18, 2022

Are you ready for some wedding day magic?! Then check out Alexandra + Benjamin’s Salt Air Farm #bilskisneakpeek ! This entire day was an absolute North Fork dream and we are so thrilled to have been a part of it. From the intimate moments of their creative session all the way through their tented reception…

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Megan + Tasso’s Wedding at Giorgio’s

Written on November 12, 2021

Megan + Tasso were drawn to one another from the start for all the right reasons. In one another, each of them has found the person who sees them for who they truly are, the person who keeps them grounded but spontaneous, and the person who loves them just they way they are. As a…

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Caroline + Jesse’s Sneak Peek at Giorgio’s Baiting Hollow

Written on May 18, 2021

When it comes to matters of the heart, we have no choice — we must follow its lead for the heart is always one step ahead. Take Caroline + Jesse: they were introduced through mutual friends who thought they’d be great together. When Jesse saw a picture of Caroline, his heart knew he had to…

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Kristine + Kenneth’s Wedding at Oceanbleu

Written on March 19, 2021

There’s only one thing left to do after you’ve met the person that your heart and soul are completely at rest with — you get married like Kristine + Kenneth! These two knew from the start they had found someone very special and time spent falling in love only confirmed that they each truly met…

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Jessica + Alex’s Wedding at The Estate at East Wind

Written on January 30, 2020

When you meet the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with, something in your heart shifts into a beautiful place of knowing. When Jessica met Alex, that shift caused both their hearts to know it was love. From day one, their love has made the ordinary things in life become extraordinary….

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Elizabeth + Christopher’s Shelter Island Wedding

Written on January 23, 2020

They say you should marry someone who makes you want to be a better person and version of yourself each and every day — well, that’s exactly what Elizabeth + Christopher did! Having met over seven years ago, they’ve been each other’s catalyst for positive change as they’ve grown up and taken on the world…

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Courtney + Andrew’s Wedding at Giorgio’s

Written on August 23, 2019

It’s been said that everyone you meet in life, you meet for a reason — the catch is you just have to be ready to see the magic they bring to it. When they met, Courtney + Andrew immediately realized they had come upon someone enchanted, someone truly special, someone they couldn’t help but fall…

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Casey + Michael’s Wedding at Flowerfield

Written on August 6, 2019

Casey + Michael are a special kind of people — people who have selflessly given their time to take care of their communities and to make sure those around them are safe. Having met through the volunteer ambulance and fire department these two immediately had something in common – a caring nature for others and…

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