Megan + Anthony’s Wedding at Hendrick’s Tavern

Videography Lead: John Bilski Associate: Jason O'Brien

Event Location Hendrick's Tavern

Event Entertainment N/A

Event Photographer Britt Lee

Megan + Anthony had been looking forward to and planning their wedding day for years. The big day was scheduled for April 25, 2020, but then, as we all know, COVID hit. They jumped into action — rescheduling, replanning, refiguring again and again until finally, in December, the big day arrived. And while it may not have been the wedding Megan + Anthony had originally envisioned, when you really get down to it, what more does a couple need than to be surrounded by a beautiful family, supportive friends, and above all, each other?

Megan + Anthony’s wedding day was a beautiful moment in time, a chapter in the love story they’ve been writing since they met and continue to write now that they are husband + wife. We know the chapter entitled “2020” was a long and difficult one, but it certainly ended on a high note! We are sure that finishing this chapter and overcoming all of the obstacles within it has only made Megan + Anthony’s love for one another stronger, and we cannot wait to see the adventures that will unfold in the pages yet to come! Megan + Anthony, we wish you all the happiness in the world! Cheers!