Mackenzie + Michael’s Wedding at Oheka Castle

Videography Lead: Jason O'Brien Associate: Katie MulzRich Klamis

Event Location Oheka Castle

Event Entertainment Manolo Puerto

Event Photographer Matt Stallone

The love that Mackenzie + Michael share has taught them so much about this life and each other. It’s been said that loving and learning go hand in hand — when we fall in love, we must be vulnerable, honest and willing to learn from each other for a relationship to form and flourish. Mackenzie + Michael’s relationship has grown stronger throughout the years and has surely laid a foundation for their future together as husband and wife. They’ve blended their hearts, minds, shared values and dreams knowing that if they have one another at their side, anything is possible!Mackenzie + Michael’s wedding day at Oheka Castle was that of a dream.

On a gorgeous sunny day in early September these two expressed the love and affection they have been feeling for one another with an exchanging of vows. Filming these two strolling through the lush gardens at Oheka Castle made for some of the most breathtaking footage we’ve captured this year! The reception that followed was an epic celebration complete with a live band and energetic dance floor! These two couldn’t stop sharing smiles and locking eyes and it’s easy to see why — they are truly in love! Congratulations to Mackenzie + Michael!