Kristen and Robert’s Wedding at Sand Castle

Videography Lead: John Bilski Associate: Jess O'SullivanJustin B.

Event Location Sand Castle

Event Entertainment N/A

Over the past several years as wedding cinematographers, we’ve been gifted the honor of seeing so many shades of love: the vibrant, explosive tones that knock you off your feet, and the warm, almost soothing ones that bring a sense of peace. We’ve learned that the rainbow every love comes in different shapes, different colors, different spectrums, but the one thing they all have in common is their tendency to shimmer in the most glorious ways – kind of like the gemstones of a kaleidoscope.
For Kristen + Robert, their incredible love was like the sweetest beams of light after the heaviest rain, with every color matching perfectly to the place they were in their lives, or the way they grew together, or the mountains they climbed to get there. No matter what challenges either of them faced, they found that they could always tackle them together. The bouquet of rainbow roses that Robert gave to Kristen during the first few months of their time together set the precedent for what their future held: a promise of forever hidden in the symphony of color they had composed for themselves.
Congratulations, Kristen + Robert! Being able to see the way you two love and support each other was something we are still so honored to have been a part of. We wish you fields of rainbow roses, unending pots of gold, and the future you always knew you’d share together.

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