Kayla + Joshua’s Wedding at the Southampton History Museum

Videography Lead: John Bilski Associate: Craig JamesKatie Mulz

Event Entertainment LI Sound

Event Photographer Amanda Seely

Every once in a while, we meet a couple who perfectly complement one another — take Kayla + Josh. They are so full of joy, love, and light! Kayla + Josh have been building a life together and falling more in love with each passing day for the past few years while eagerly waiting to say “I do”. They’ve been through so much together and are now standing right where they are meant to be: at one another’s side.

Their beautiful wedding day began with a ceremony to renew their vows at St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Shore. Afterwards, we spent some time at the Bay Shore Marina alongside photographer Amanda Seely and captured some awesome footage of these two looking so very happy! The reception at the Southampton History Museum was a total blast and it was amazing to see Kayla + Josh’s closest family + friends finally get to celebrate the love these two share! Congratulations and cheers to Kayla + Josh!