Jaime and Kevin’s Wedding at the Hamlet Golf + Country Club

Videography Lead: John Bilski Associate: Jason O'Brien

Event Entertainment Barattini Productions

Event Photographer Janelle Brook Photography

When you first lock eyes with someone you know you’re meant to be with, the feeling is electric. Suddenly their smile is everything – a bright beam of light, and a strange, familiar warmth – and the way they laugh at your jokes or brush the hair from your face becomes something to look forward to every day. Finding someone who fits into you can be difficult – tiring, even – but the journey is only half the adventure. And for Jaime and Kevin, their adventure was just beginning, in more ways than one.
Jaime and Kevin’s love developed slowly – at first with the beeping of sirens as they traveled in opposite directions in their respective police cars – and then, all at once, as their families began to blend and their devotion to each other grew stronger. It was incredible to see the way they looked into each other’s eyes – as if they were the only people in the room. The amount of respect and admiration that flows between them is explosive, and each second spent with them revealed the deep connection they shared. It was a true honor to be able to capture them just as they are: in love, in bliss, and truly happy.
Congratulations to these two amazing people! We were so honored to be part of your super celebration at The Hamlet Golf + Country Club, and we want to thank you for keeping us safe and putting yourselves at risk to protect the citizens of New York every single day of your lives. We can’t wait to see what other adventures you and your family goes on together!

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