Heather and Nick’s Wedding at Crescent Beach Club

Videography Lead: Jason O'Brien Associate: Bobby Frey

Event Location Crescent Beach Club

Event Entertainment N/A

Event Photographer Kaitlyn Ferris Photography

The beach: one of the most renewing places you’ll ever go, with the sounds of crashing waves and a seemingly endless sky that goes on for miles. The beach is an incredibly symbolic place to get married, because much like the sea, marriage is unpredictable, boundless, and beautiful – forever tying you to each other like a sailors knot.
Heather + Nick’s wedding at Crescent Beach Club was the perfect culmination of how much they love and cherish each other, and the joining of their families was one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen. By blending their two cultures together, these two solidified their mutual respect for each others past and present, and the celebration that followed was beyond amazing. We loved getting to see how much Heather + Nick adored each other, and we’re so excited to see where this beautiful life takes them.