Danielle + Aaron’s Wedding at Oheka Castle

Videography Lead: John Bilski Associate: Jess O'SullivanKatie Mulz

Event Location Oheka Castle

Event Entertainment Marcus Reid Band

Event Photographer Photo DH

“I cannot promise that life will always be easy, or that I won’t make mistakes. But I can promise that you won’t be alone.” When Danielle + Aaron exchanged their vows, the words they spoke linked them to the place they stood, a moment in time, and most importantly, each other. Their word became their promise to always face a challenge together, leap at the opportunity for adventure hand in hand and to live a life without any regrets. Danielle + Aaron have been falling more in love with one another for the past eleven years, and on their wedding day they were overjoyed to become husband + wife.

Danielle + Aaron’s wedding at Oheka Castle was the definition of elevated elegance and their love story was inspiring to witness. In their presence, one can’t help but wonder if their souls have crossed paths before, perhaps in another life, or maybe another dimension. The love they share is so strong, and its bond will only continue to strengthen. They took a promise “together, forever and always” and it’s easy to see those words will hold true. Danielle + Aaron’s wedding day was a celebration of what they’ve shared in this lifetime thus far and a blessing for all that lies ahead in their future. Congratulations, Danielle + Aaron!