Christine and Joe’s Wedding at Giorgio’s

Videography Lead: Jason O'Brien Associate: Jess O'Sullivan

Event Location Giorgio's

Event Entertainment N/A

Event Photographer Kaitlyn Ferris

One of the most amazing parts of being a wedding videographer is getting to be part of something good in this world. Every year, we float through wedding season, experiencing the truest types of love each weekend. From couples who have always known they’d be together, to ones that met and instantly found that spark, there is no limit to the amount of magic that fills the air. It’s an incredible thing, because not only does it show us that every love grows and flourishes in an endless amount of ways, but it invites us on the deeply personal journey you two take through your lives, forever giving us a piece of your history.
Christine and Joe had a chance encounter at a mutual friends party, but the instant they locked eyes, they knew that the energy felt between them was something they couldn’t ignore. Their gorgeous day at Giorgio’s Caterers was the perfect culmination of all the ways they love each other. Christine even wrote the sweetest song for Joe, which she delivered on an iPod for him to listen to privately while he got ready. The way they celebrated each other every second of the day made us realize how invaluable it is to be part of moments like these, and we are over the moon excited that we were able to create such a beautiful film of their love.
Congratulations, Christine and Joe! We wish you many more songs, many more laughs, and many more years of incredible love!