Chrissy and Bobby’s Wedding at Bridgeview Yacht Club

Videography Lead: John Bilski Associate: Jason O'Brien

Event Location Bridgeview Yacht Club

Event Entertainment Body Rock

Event Photographer John Lennon

There is a moment in life when suddenly, your purpose becomes clear. A once unsure path becomes a journey that takes you through the peaks and valleys of love, and in awe, you watch as the colors of the world grow more vibrant and beautiful. Sunshine feels warmer, blue skies seem endless. And that moment, that honey-sweet moment, is the true definition of love – the kind that carries you through with someone who cares for you in the ways you’ve always dreamed of.
For Chrissy and Bobby, their story began when their paths first crossed – and with their newfound love, they grew stronger, more resilient, and more hopeful – together. Their stunning affair at Bridgeview Yacht Club was an ethereal culmination of the many ways these two love each other – from a bubble-filled grand exit from the church to a glittering sparkler send-off, these two sweethearts crafted the perfect beginning to their lives as one, and we couldn’t have felt more honored to be part of that.
Congratulations, Chrissy and Bobby! We wish you nothing but years of happiness, excitement, and love.

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