Cassandra + Jonathan’s Wedding at Chateau Briand

Videography Lead: Jason O'Brien Associate: Brian Brennan

Event Location Chateau Briand

Event Entertainment Body Rock

Event Photographer Wavecrest

On a beautiful November day, Cassandra + Jonathan went from being middle school sweethearts to a newlyweds ready to take on the world together. This love story is ten years in the making and it’s no surprise that these two decided to finally tie the knot, taking the next step of the journey they’ve shared for so long and will continue to share for the rest of their lives. Their wedding day at the beautiful Chateau Briand was spent celebrating the love that makes their relationship so very special.

What made this day even more memorable was that Cassandra + Jonathan were surrounded by their loving families and friends. Jonathan had two best men, one of whom officiated the wedding, and Cassandra’s mother was her matron of honor. It’s clear that family and friends are a very important part of what brings Cassandra + Jonathan happiness and adds strength to their relationship. Cassandra’s mother says it best in her speech: “You are each other’s better half.” We honestly couldn’t agree more! Congratulations to Cassandra + Jonathan!