Amy + Matthew’s Elopement

Videography Lead: Jason O'Brien Associate: Jess O'Sullivan

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Event Photographer Natalie Marie Photography

After meeting at a benefit concert in 2017, Amy + Matthew decided to exchange numbers so they could make plans to hang out. When they got together, their chemistry became apparent, as they talked about their love of music, beer and kimchi. Over the next few months, they continued to discover more commonalities with one another and their budding friendship began to blossom into so much more. They fell in love quickly, and eagerly began living their lives hand in hand, all while dreaming of the future they would someday build together. Well, the beginning of that future is here, as Amy + Matthew are officially married! On a misty August day surrounded by close family and friends, they exchanged vows, rings and a kiss to seal their promise to always choose love and one another, and we are so excited for their future together. We have no doubt it will be filled with many bottles of good wine, plenty of Star Wars, and of course, lots of love!!! Congratulations to Amy + Matthew!