This #bilskiprotiptuesday, let’s talk tips for your bridesmaids! ⁣The morning of your wedding day starts with bride prep and your bridesmaids should arrive on time for hair and make up! You want there to be plenty of time for everyone to get ready, so be specific about timing! Make sure your bridesmaids have ideas for how they want their hair + make up to look — we know photos are always welcomed by the stylists! ⁣

If you are gifting your girls matching robes or comfy pajamas, it’s recommended the shirts are button ups so hair and make up doesn’t get caught on the garment when it’s time to change into their dresses! ⁣

Remember to feed your girls! It’s a long day, so putting out some breakfast or lunch options, snacks and plenty of water for your girls will keep them going all day! ⁣

Don’t stress — take some time to laugh with your girls, pop a bottle of champagne and why not shoot off some confetti?! It’s time to celebrate love!