Let’s talk groom prep! The energy of #groomprep is typically a more calm experience than bride prep, and let’s face it — the groom and his buddies prefer it that way! Groom prep tends to be less involved when it comes down to what actually goes on but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important! This is a big part of your story together — the moments leading up to marrying each other are filled with so many emotions, so much laughter, and sometimes even tears!

Our goal at groom prep is to capture the groom in his natural habitat: he’s usually putting on his cufflinks, fixing his tie, and hanging with his groomsmen while gearing up to walk down the aisle! If you are exchanging cards or gifts, this is the time that we would capture that as well! Hint: personalized cufflinks or socks, embroidery or a new watch all make for super cute gifts that he can wear on your wedding day!

Finally, to the groom: We know that you may have a few nerves… but have no fear — once you see her dressed as your bride, you’ll feel right at home by her side!