This week’s #bilskiprotiptuesday is simple — take a breath and know how thankful we are for you. We took the time and reached out to check in with all of our April and May couples yesterday and we just have to say that a huge “thank you” is in order to every bride and groom we spoke with. As we dialed phone numbers we prepared ourselves for couples to answer in total freak out mode but we were pleasantly surprised to have been met with voices that were calm and ready to take this all one day at a time.

So, thank you for bringing us a sense of ease as we work to serve every one of you as best we can. Thank you for seeing the silver lining and for even inviting laughter in the conversation as we talk about future availability. Thank you for that much-needed breath of fresh air to remind us that we are going to get through this together and that better days lie ahead. All is not lost — just rescheduled! We will come together to navigate these uncertainties as they come, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. We love you all.