At Bilski Productions, we work incredibly hard to create the wedding film of your dreams! From your jewelry details to your cake cutting, we’re constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to document the incredible moments of your wedding day – no matter what it takes! The cinematographers that film your day are skilled professionals in the industry, and know just how to capture you and your beau’s love. That’s why we wanted to give you guys a little insight into what it is we do the day of, so you know what to expect when the #bestdayever finally arrives!

Have you ever watched one of our films and wondered which shots are posed and which ones aren’t? We don’t blame you! Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference, and other times it’s clear which are which. One of the greatest parts about working with a Bilski Productions team is that we know how to strike a balance between posing and the natural moments that develop between you two. It’s one of the many talents we’ve honed over the years!

We know that not every couple is accustomed to being the center of attention, and that it can be harrowing to imagine having a camera in your face all day! But don’t worry – we don’t operate like that. We tend to stay in the background and grab our shots from a reasonable distance, so we don’t disrupt the natural progression of things!

With wedding season in high gear, we thought now would be the perfect time to explain why we pose certain shots and why we sometimes let things flow, so you can better understand how your film comes together! So sit back, grab your sweetheart, and take a look at some of the gorgeous shots we’ve gotten over the years with our beautiful couples!

Eye Candy Shots

Eye candy shots, as we affectionately call them, are the beautiful moments that transpire when we ask you to take each others hands, look into each others eyes, and let the world fizzle out – like this one from Melissa + Jesse’s Hallockville Museum Farm wedding! This moment was one of our favorites, because even though we posed this shot perfectly, Melissa’s face really says it all. The love and admiration these two had for each other made it simple to pose certain scenes while still letting the natural love flow between them, and we absolutely adored every moment!

Eye candy shots serve a very distinct purpose in your film. They tie together all the moments of your day, and give us some room to connect the dots. Controlling certain elements – like how to bend your knees, how you stand, the angle at which you kiss, and the way you turn your body – makes it easier for us to capture certain things, so we’ll often ask you to slow dance, walk along the water, or kiss with the sun setting behind you. These moments are the ones that we need to pose simply because we know the angles that look great for you, and we don’t want to miss the gorgeous scenery – or the beautiful couples – in any way!

Shots like this one from Nicole + Doug’s Stonebridge Country Club affair are one of the reasons why we pose you guys sometimes! Nicole and Doug practically melted into each other so beautifully, but because the light was so perfect in this particular spot, we asked them to stand a certain way, dip in a certain direction, and hold their kiss longer than usual. Even though the pose looks super natural, we did play a huge role in the positioning!

Don’t worry about feeling like you’re too posed with us – we spend a lot of time working with you to make sure everything looks easy, natural, and gorgeous. We love when you guys spend some time talking, joking, and laughing, too! It’s amazing to see you go with the flow and just be together, and be the people you are outside of your wedding day! There are time when our crew won’t say a word and just watch you together through our lens – it’s one of the perks of the job! Seeing you guys deeply in love is such a special thing, and sometimes, we don’t want to intervene!

Which brings us to our next point – natural shots!

Natural Shots

Natural shots aren’t exactly the complete opposite of the eye candy shots, because although we do pose things, we still like to keep a natural air to them. However, these captures are much more candid and usually involve the two of you standing or sitting in a stunning setting while talking to each other, laughing, and getting close. As mentioned before, we don’t always want to intervene during the times where you reach over and brush the hair from your brides face, or when you adjust your grooms jacket or boutonniere. These moments are everything to us, and we love seeing you guys just be together!

If you looked up ‘wedded bliss’ in the dictionary, these two would be front and center! The look that Lauren + Jonathan gave each other after their gorgeous Giorgio’s affair was something we could never pose! It was that moment of pure joy that made us tear up a little bit. Things like this are natural, unplanned, and perfect, and even though it was obvious that they were going to walk back down the aisle (and we were in position to capture that moment), it’s one of those seconds that we could have never anticipated. The pure joy on their faces was so sweet and so amazing, and we were so happy to capture it!

Natural moments are what really give us the bones of your film, and we love trying to incorporate as much of them as possible! The place you choose to have your wedding, the love you already share, and the weather are all factors in natural shots, but truly, we have yet to come across a couple that doesn’t love being with each other. During these natural moments, we do sometimes give a little bit of direction. – because we totally understand that this is a new experience for you! We don’t expect every couple to know exactly how to hold their hands or how to deal with being on camera, but at Bilski Productions, we’re always ready to help you!

It was no problem for Kelsey + Cody to laugh and smile at their Bellport Country Club wedding because of their electric personalities! These two had some of the most infectious smiles ever, so it was easy to keep things natural with them – especially during the reception! Moments like these are ones you’ll grow to treasure over time, so make sure to laugh loudly, smile widely, and love deeply on your wedding day. It’s easy to get caught up in what you see in magazines and styled shoots – just remember that the chemistry you two share will always trump anything else! We can’t manufacture love!

What other tips do you want to hear from us? Let us know in the comments down below!