Gabriella + Joseph’s Wedding at The Inn at New Hyde Park

Written on December 14, 2022

The first time their lives intersected, Joseph was struck by Gabriella’s kindness and beauty. Their lives went in different directions for a few years, but they were brought together again, maybe by chance, or maybe it was fate? Whatever it was, Joe was determined not to let her get away again. Gabriella, too, had a…

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Gina + Kenneth’s Wedding at The Larkfield

Written on April 12, 2022

Gina + Kenny knew from an early age they would always be in each other’s lives. Having met as youngsters in high school, they grew up together, they dated, and they fell in love, always caring deeply for one another. The years passed and they continued to choose and honor the love they had found,…

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Ericka + Matthew’s Wedding at Gurney’s

Written on February 10, 2020

Every couple has a unique love story that makes them special. Ericka + Matthew’s began when they were very young, and although there is still debate as to whether they met in preschool or kindergarten, they both know that the gentle innocence of the love they discovered so many years ago is the bond that’s…

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Ellen + Saverio’s Sneak Peek at Giorgio’s

Written on July 12, 2019

Ellen + Saverio’s bilski sneak peek is that of a dream! Their wedding day began with a ceremony at St. John the Baptist Church in Wading River where Ellen walked down the aisle towards a future filled with love and happiness — towards a future with her best friend, Saverio. The love these two share…

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Antonia + Joseph’s Wedding at Giorgio’s

Written on December 11, 2017

In life, we have a wealth of many things. We have endless experiences, incredible memories, and days we wish would never end. We have laughter and fortune and promises we keep with our closest friends. But the one constant that flows through us as we grow and change, is the love of family. Family is…

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