kimberly edward sneak peek

Kimberly + Edward’s Sneak Peek at The Heritage Club

Written on November 1, 2019

For Kimberly + Edward their #creancometrue was meeting one another when they were young adults in high school! They have always been connected and although life has taken them on many journeys, their paths have always seemed to cross. Kimberly + Edward have chosen to take on the world together as husband + wife and…

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lauren bernard sneak peek

Lauren + Bernard’s Sneak Peek at The Heritage Club

Written on October 19, 2019

Lauren was #meanttobemulligan and she knew it the moment she met Bernard! Lauren + Bernard’s lives have been filled with so many beautiful experiences since they met and the love they share has only grown stronger since their wedding day! Their special day started with a ceremony at Saint James Parish in Seaford where these…

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