Wedding planning is so exhausting, and it can seem like a ton of work for one whirlwind of a day – believe us, we get it! But why spend time planning the perfect party if you won’t get to relive the words of wisdom your friends and family share exactly as they were spoken!? Yes, photos are incredible, and we work with tons of amazing professionals on your special day, but video preserves the visual elements, the rollercoaster of emotions, and the soundtrack to your first day as Mr. and Mrs. in a way photography can’t possible capture.

Over the years, we’ve encountered hundreds of misconceptions about what we do as videographers, so we thought it might be fun to interview John Bilski, the owner and creative force behind Bilski Productions, and ask him to debunk a few of the myths that seem to hold couples back from choosing to have a video team on their wedding day!

Kaitlyn Ferris Photography

Myth 1: Videographers are obtrusive and will only get in the way.

Once upon a time, videographers would be in your way at seemingly every step you took, but not anymore! We make sure to blend into the background as much as possible during your special moments (such as the ceremony, the speeches, and your first dance) by tweaking the way things used to be done. Now, we use off-camera lighting to preserve the ambience of the room and utilize longer lenses, which allow us to keep our distance during those intimate moments with your new spouse. Our goal is to capture as many natural moments as possible, not ruin the special seconds you share with your favorite people!

Myth 2: Wedding films are cheesy and there’s nothing elegant about them.

So untrue! At Bilski Productions, we make sure to pick and choose the most emotional, hilarious, and special moments of your day and spin them into an incredible love story. Our focus is on you and the connection you have with your partner, your family, and your guests. We use current music, real film techniques, and high tech equipment to ensure your video is as modern as it gets! Of course, we all love a little cheese now and then – a corny joke or a shared moment of silliness between you and someone you love – but the root of who we are as a company is the core belief that your video is about your story – and that’s that!

Myth 3: I’ll only watch my video once.

If you ask any of our past brides, I think you’ll find that this isn’t true! Most of our brides watch their films a few times a month because they love remembering their wedding, and that’s cool with us! We’re not expecting you to watch your film every day, but when you do grab it off the shelf and settle in on the couch, you’ll feel that familiar flood of memories return. That’s what we’re looking for – the gathering of friends and family to relive the most special day of your life! Of course, nobody wants to watch a three-hour saga, which is why we have several options for the length of your film. Some people choose one, others choose all three! That’s the best thing about Bilski Productions – we are tailored to you entirely, because your wedding film isn’t just for now, it’s for the next sixty years!

Myth 4: What do I need video for? I have photography.

As we mentioned before, photography is fantastic, but it’s not the be-all end all. Photos aren’t everything! One major thing they lack is the sound that video makes up for. Our films are all about the mixture of beautiful imagery with movement and an emotional story, and with the addition of music that matches your style, an emotional piece emerges. We put a lot of effort into tying these elements thing together to make the video of your dreams! I’ve seen a few tears shed over a photo or two, but we’ve seen thousands of tears over our films!”

“This is not to say that photography isn’t important, so when you visit us at our office, we can show you all the amazing photography professionals we recommend! Choosing wedding professionals that have an amazing working relationship is such an important thing. You want companies that know what they’re doing, who specialize in their craft, and who work as a team with other professionals!

Myth 5: Why do I need more than one videographer? Isn’t one enough?

Having two or more videographers is intrical to receiving the best video you possibly can. I always say, ‘every action has a reaction’, and in order to capture those reactions, we need multiple angles, multiple cameras, and multiple people to man them! We wouldn’t want to miss that tear that runs down your moms face!

By adding multiple cameras, we’re also limiting our movement during the moments that require everyones full attention, such as the exchanging of rings or the reciting of vows. Plus, it allows us to capture more of your ‘VIP’s’, like your bridal party, your grandmother, or little brother. We want to capture the people you’re excited to include, and in order to do that, we need a few pairs of hands! This helps us work faster and more efficiently during your creative session, which typically has a time restraint. By having multiple videographers, you’re allowing us to utilize our combined creativity to the highest degree and view things in a different light. It’s the best thing you can do for your final product!

Let us know in the comments down below any myths you’ve heard about videography!