When it comes to bridal gowns, some dream of drama and romance — visions of sweeping trains for as long as the eye can see! Brides start searching for “the one”, trying on dresses only to realize that the weight of a long train is somewhat uncomfortable. The thought of carrying a train around for the entire wedding day, even after it’s bustled, causes many brides to compromise and choose a more “practical” gown.

As wedding cinematographers, we’ve seen thousands of gowns, and we are here to tell you that you really can have it your way when it comes to your bridal gown — long train and all! Don’t believe us? Just check out this gorgeous Leah Da Gloria gown that that Lia wore on her wedding day! Lia’s bridal gown secret: the train is detachable!

Lia + Philip’s wedding day started with a beautiful ceremony at Sacred Heart Chapel in Spark Hill, New York, where these two exchanged vows and said, “I do.” The shots we captured of Lia walking down the aisle were so dramatic and stunning! As if her train wasn’t enough of a statement, Lia added a regal cathedral veil to really complete her bridal look! The train and the veil made for some of the most beautiful shots — talk about cathedral veil magic!

Lia started the day with her train attached to the gown and was able to easily remove it once her reception started so she could dance, dip and easily share sweet kisses with her Philip! She was able to have both comfort and convenience without compromising on style!

Once married, there will be plenty you’ll have to compromise on, but as a bride don’t give in when it comes to your wedding day dreams! If you want to feel extra special and wow your friends and family, the gown for you is out there! Lia + Philip’s creative session was a such a blast because we rarely get to work with so much fabric, texture + length! This day was full of so many amazing moments, and Lia’s Leah Da Gloria gown transformation is one we will be reminiscing about for weeks to come!