Day-Of Tips and Tricks (And How to Implement Them!)

At Bilski Productions, we’ve spent an incredible amount of time on the job, so we totally understand the ebb and flow of your wedding day. Sometimes things run a little behind, or flowers get forgotten in the backseat of the limo, or you misplace your cufflinks. But not to worry! We always have a plan, and you can count on us to keep things together! That’s why we thought we’d spend some time giving you a few tips on how to make your wedding day bulletproof (even if something does go wrong)!


Gather your details the night before

The most stressful part of your day will be the morning you get ready, without a doubt! With nerves at an all time high and the chaos of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls, it’s no wonder you’re bound to get a little frazzled. That’s why we recommend gathering your jewelry, invitation, shoes, special trinkets, and anything else you plan to wear or use the night before, so us and the photographer don’t need to bug you! We also recommend keeping your dress in the room you plan to get ready in, and having your custom hanger Even the smallest time savers can make the biggest difference, and it will help the morning run much more smoothly.

Trick: Put your jewelry, shoes, invite, rings, and garter in a shoebox – this keeps all of your special elements safe and makes it easy for us to grab them when we get to your house!


Don’t be the last to get your hair + makeup done

Ensuring that you don’t get your hair + makeup done last means that you’ll be ready to walk out the door and head to see your sweetheart right on schedule. When it comes time to put your gown on, we want to make sure you love the way you look – and that we have ample time to capture all the little things we need to make your film fantastic! And it’s okay if whomever helps you get dressed isn’t totally ready (but mom + your MOH should be close to it!) – just don’t stress about it! We’ll make sure everyone is where they need to be when the time comes.

Trick: Tell all of your bridesmaids about your plan to not have your hair + makeup done last – they’ll make sure you’re in the makeup chair when you need to be!


Factor in travel time

It may seem farfetched, but every second counts on your wedding day, and even the tiniest disruption can throw off the whole timeline! Factoring in time for things like traveling to your first look location, getting the bridal party to and from the limo, and traffic (especially for Friday weddings!) ensures that your time doesn’t get cut short, and allows you to maximize the amount of footage us and your photographer get. Its always better to have extra time than too little, so we always encourage our couples to give themselves some breathing room in between the church, the creative session location, and the reception. It makes all the difference!

Trick: Tell your limo company to be there 15 minutes before you need to go anywhere, that way they’ll always be a little ahead of schedule with you!


Leave at least two hours for your creative session

Creative sessions are the super dreamy, wow-worthy moments you get to spend together as Mr. + Mrs., and they’re incredibly important! These are the eye-candy shots you’ll see throughout our films, like this gorgeous still above of Nicole + Doug’s wedding at Stonebridge Country Club. Their sun-drenched creative session gave us some seriously gorgeous footage, and their film was stunning because of it! Two hours gives us enough time to capture you, your bridal party, and your family in fun and creative ways, and gives us something to swoon over later! You’re hiring us because we’re professionals, and we want to give you something amazing, so we always encourage including this super important block of time on the day of!

Trick: Talk to us (and your photographer) about how to create this block of time, and we’ll help you plan your timeline around it!


Working with vendors that know each other changes everything

It’s not uncommon to hire vendors that haven’t worked together, but actively seeking ones who do can make all the difference on the day of! We love working with people we know because we understand each others work flow and have an established line of communication and a stellar working relationship. This is not to say we don’t work well with others – we love everyone we work with! – but hiring vendors who know each other makes it more likely that things will run smoothly! We have an amazing list of vendors we adore – just ask, and we’re happy to give you suggestions for photographers, venues, caterers, DJ’s, and more!

Trick: Ask each vendor you hire for recommendations. We have an extraordinary list of amazing vendors that we’re happy to share with you!


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Have the best wedding day ever, you guys!

xoxoBilski Productions


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